The Cat People

(1) Spread-the-MeowNews!

Create a creative reel of your beloved feline kids telling you to visit the upcoming Cat-Together 2023 event, bring home pawsome loots and stand a chance to win an amazing prize.

We will be delighted to see these snippets of our smart, coy & inquisitive pawfriends extending their reach to other cats through your help. These videos will also be telecasted onto our big screen at the event.

5 lucky winners will be picked, and they each get a $50 voucher from Monsterpet. 🍰 Monsterpet Bakery provides handmade pet treats and cakes using 100% natural ingredients. 🌿 They are giving a prize of $50 off for any order totaling $380 or more, whether it’s their delightful pet treats, scrumptious pet cakes, or pawty packages! 🎉Click to visit their social media page to get a glimpse of their exquisite Pet Gourmet Delights.

Here are the rules:

1. Use a public IG account

2. Like and follow our IG

3. Tag 3 friends

4. Tag us @thecatpeoplesg

5. Hashtag #thecatpeoplesg #acattogether #thecatpeoplecontest

Closing date: 3 October at 2359hrs.

Happy filming! 😊




(2) Paws Got Talent!

We’re on the lookout for THREE incredible felines to showcase their exceptional abilities, tricks, or impressive skills. 😺

1st Prize:           

$100 Special Bundle from Pawminion

Metal Posters – 1 large and 2 medium

(Photoprints only)


2nd Prize:         

$80 Voucher from Pet Connexion

Solutions for hassle-free grooming routine with automated pet care solutions for pet owners.


3rd Prize:          

$60 Worth of Products from CMC Ventures Pte Ltd

1x 250ml EP Essentials Moisturising Pet Shampoo worth $28.

1x 250ml Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare Spray for Pets worth $36


Here are the rules:

1. Record a reel no more than ONE minute
2. Use a public IG account
3. Like and follow our IG
4. Tag 3 friends
5. Tag us @thecatpeoplesg
6. Hashtag
#acattogether #thecatpeoplecontest

Closing date: 3 October at 2359hrs.

Results will be announced prior to the event.
Prize winners will be informed to pick up the prizes at the event.




Goodie Bag Giveaway

Collect a momento from the event! Hurry, click on this link to register. Limited to first 400 registrants only! Fastest finger first. T&C applies.


Cat Behavioural Session Giveaway

Curious to understand your cat’s behaviour?

Share with us your concerns at this link, and 2 lucky winners will get to attend a free 1-on-1, 30 min behavioral session during the event with our cat behaviourist, Vivianne Goh.


Unsung Cat Hero Nomination

Do you know of any fosterers, rescuers or cat relocators? This would be one of the rare opportunities for you to nominate them as an Unsung Hero at this link for Cat-Together 2023!

The nominated Unsung Hero will receive our exclusively customized Cat Post Tree with embedded shelves and steps! Nomination closes on 3 October at 2359hrs. T&C applies.

7 October at 7.30pm Hall 2

“A Street Cat Named Bob” narrates the genuine tale of a stray urban cat whose affection for a street performer transforms his life. The setting of the movie is in London, England, where James (portrayed by Luke Treadaway), a street musician, comes across Bob, an orange stray cat, roaming around his low-income housing area in 2007. The movie follows the subsequent events in this authentic narrative, featuring the actual Bob in the lead role.

Tickets are priced at $8 each. Kindly utilize your computer for a more convenient purchasing process. Click anywhere on this column to book your tickets!


8 October at 5pm Hall 2       

Puss in Boots is an audacious adventurer known for his self-serving tendencies. However, upon discovering that he is approaching his 9th and final cat life, Puss becomes apprehensive about his adversaries and his former swashbuckling lifestyle. To address this, he embarks on a quest to find a Wishing Star capable of granting him additional lives.

This film serves as both a spinoff from the Shrek franchise and a sequel to the 2011 movie “Puss in Boots.”

Tickets are priced at $8 each. Kindly utilize your computer for a more convenient purchasing process. Click anywhere on this column to book your tickets!