The Cat People

When it comes to catification, cats are in love ❤️with vertical space.


Because they see the world differently from us humans. They enter a space and will analyse it in terms of VERTICAL “cat real estate”. ?

Cats feel more confident, more relaxed, less anxious and able to cope with more pets and busy homes when they have access to vertical space. ?

In this project, we had a tight space to work with but we made it work beautifully for Mr Max the Bengal kitty.

Max has access to two windows via the bridge and can see everything that goes on in the kids space below him , the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. IDEAL “CAT REAL ESTATE”?

Locating catification in the right areas is very important. A cat is interested to know where everyone is in the house including his pet bodies. A vantage point from where he has a bird’s eye view of his entire space is always the most prized “cat real estate” .

This bridge was set at an angle , it is linked with a natural cat tree and shelves going down at the right side of the bridge.

When planning catification, having more then one exit and entrance is very important from a cat’s perspective.

The Cat People analyses your space from a cat’s point of you and come up with all the right solutions for you AND your cats.

You are both winners in this purrfect combination of style and functionality .

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