The Cat People

This beloved rescued Kitty named Crawley almost went over the balcony railing recently from the 11th floor despite the fact that he was a regular on the balcony and had been doing fine so far. He was caught in the nick of time and brought back to safety…


But no worries, We have the solutions for you and your cats!?

You can see Crawley after installation of our Cat Safety Net, still trying his luck on the railing. Thats what cats do and this is why you need to protect your balcony!! Your cat has “nine lives”, it only takes 1 miss out of 9 successful tries and he is gone!

Cat People came to the “rescue” and installed our latest 2cm net on Crawley’s balcony. This 2 cm net is super duper resistant, is UV treated, will last at least 10-15 years or more, will not block the light more then 3% and is ideal for small KITTENS and for cats who like to chew. AND IT LOOKS GREAT!!? You can’t even see it from the facade.

Thank you to his Pawrents for having us install our CAT SAFETY NET?

Get your WINDOWS, BALCONIES and GARDENS cat proofed!

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