The Cat People

Shiva and Hades, can now enjoy a full circle cat experience in their giant catio on this landed property.

Not only was their full backyard cat proofed with our cat safety net but they were also fitted with long viewing decks, a cat tree, and a bridge.

To provide the full experience, we made sure that all the plants were edible plants. You can see how naturally the cats went straight to the edible plants for a nibble.

You can have a space with some non-edible plants, as long as your edible plants are strategically located in areas that your cat has easy access to and on your cat’s natural pathway.

Plants are an important component of a cat’s diet. They help them purge hairballs and stomach discomfort.

Both cats have now plenty of enriched environment and they are safe from attacks from marauding cats. They will never ever get hit by a car or fall prey to a python or bad person.

The beautiful natural tree we designed is the central feature of the garden and anchors the bridge to the viewing decks.

Stay tuned to our next post with more features from this catio and the full story on how this catio came about to keep Hades and Shiva safe.

A big thank you to Shawne Wang and her sister for trusting us with their cats and this very great project.

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Shiva enjoying every angle and large comfy shelves of her cat tree with her bridge in the background

Hades is surrounded by edible plants on all his favourite pathways up and down the cat tree . He is seen here nibbling on an other edible plant the spider plant Chlorophytum comosum and to the left is a bamboo and background are yellow palms, top of the tree is a lemon grass.

Catify Your Garden

Shiva enjoying every angle and large comfy shelves of her cat tree with her bridge in the background.



Shiva enjoying sun bathing on the large platform we design for this natural cat tree.