The Cat People

This was definitely a fun project to do.

HUGO AND BOSS are two rescued kitties.

Their pawrents wanted to create a cat room within their gym room. In essence, a gym for both cats and pawrents.

Hugo is a young super active busy body cat and Boss is an older more quiet cat. They are both best friends but sometimes, Hugo, is too active for Boss.

Having more things to do and enrich his day, would help Hugo give Boss a bit more space for rest .

We looked carefully at how we could maximise the space for the cats and yet not get into the way of the gym machines and accessories.

We designed Catification on all four walls of this bedroom.

The cats can watch their β€œDad” on the treadmill from above the suspended platform and come down via the inclined “cat monkey bar”.

😻The cats can navigate the entire room without touching the floor. We planned multiple entrances and exits to minimise any potential scuffles between cats .


πŸ‘‰It was important to give the cats enough opportunities to scratch appropriate surfaces and not the leather of the bench.

3 possibilities for scratching were placed around the bench at cat nose level. This is also where the catification was most concentrated

By placing scratching surfaces in the right locations:

😻you reduce the possibilities of your furniture being targetted and damaged.

😻 It also entices cats to climb if you have planned catification above. They naturally will look up and be motivated to climb up.

The grey color of the project was also very carefully selected . We wanted a soft cloud like effect that matched the rest of the house decor and would not be too overwhelming .

The light grey really achieved that effect well for this family.

🐾The cats have been enjoying and taking up to the catification installation naturally, especially busy body Hugo.🐾

We also designed a more simple catification for the living room and installed cat safety for their gate and service yard. We will share in our next post 😸

Thank you to Hugo and Boss Pawrents for trusting us to create a safe fulfilling home environment for your cats.

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Hugo was the first one on the catification immediately after we installed.

Hugo seen here on one of the platforms of his new bridge.Β 

Hugo was so quick to test and try everything right away : ). This is his double incline sisal board leading up and down his cloud vertical space.

Hugo seen here on his customised suspended platform. We made it very wide so he can jump and lay down comfortably.

Corner shelves are a great way to create a sleeping area and to go from one wall to the other.

Hugo sitting on his miniature vertical tree.

Cat Gym and Pawrents Gym completed! See the great inclined Monkey Bar on the left. A perfect cat gym feature! The pawrents can use the treadmill while the cats can watch from above.Β 

Our signature suspended platform with integrated sisal posts. Its a great way to integrate both a perch and sisal at the same time.

Hugo having his first walk on the bridge.

Hugo on his round the corner bridge platform. Round the corner shelves are great for moving from one wall to the other side of the wall : )

We did two inclined sisal shelves leading up to a “cloud” shelf as his first step up to his vertical space.

Boss the black cat is checking his new cat gym after installation.