The Cat People

This week they are showing off part two of the installation we did in the living room and in the service yard.

After doing their cat gym💪🏽 (previous post), we designed a series of shelves in the shape of gentle waves for the living room 🌊

Each shelf was designed with a comfy recess providing the perfect natural contour for cat napping.

This more understated design fitted perfectly with the home decoration and color palette of this wonderful HDB home.

The objective was to make the catification look more like a designed feature on the wall fitting harmoniously with the home decor.

Hugo and Boss were fast to find the shelves very comfy. A huge bonus for them with the beautiful green view they have from their living room window 😻😻.

🐾Additionally, We cat proofed the SERVICE YARD🐾 .

The Service Yard is often a neglected area of our homes..It is a danger for cats and usually a messy area. It can be used as a bonus space for cats if done well.

✅FIRST : the safety aspect must be taken care of . .In this case, we installed our latest product, aluminium sliding panels with a locking system and fitted with our Cat Safety Net. The panels are great as it gives you the ability to hang your laundry with ease and safety for your cats.

✅SECOND: use the space for cats to have access to a bit of outdoor action and extra territory. We live in small homes and cats benefits so much by having this additional space open to them. It can be a great place to perch, watch the world go by and cat nap during the long hours of the day when no one is home. Make sure they have some shelves and something to get comfortably on top of to get a good view.

🙀If you don’t provide elevated space, thats when cats spend all day trying to figure out how they are going to try to get up there to see better. Its often a recipe for disaster.

😸Provide safety and good perching options in the right locations and your cats will be more happy and relaxed.

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The wave shelves wall in the living room with Hugo looking like a King at the top
Great Cat view and perch nearby this beautiful living room window with lots of green space and birds
Hugo on his wave shelf arrangement in the living room
Hugo having a great rest on his new wave shelf
Hugo on one of his new wave shelves in the living room
The service yard was fitted with aluminium sliding panels fitted with Cat Safety Net. Its the perfect combination for safety and practicality . You can have access to your drying laundry with ease . The shelf was designed to provide cats with a large comfy perch
BOSS sitting like “the BOSS” of the house on his new wave shelf. The contour fitting perfectly his body and providing a perfect nest for napping
This picture illustrates well that cats are always attracted to a window ledge. They will balance themselves on thin spaces . It is their natural behaviour to want to view beyond. Its always best to keep windows and open spaces fitted with cat safety and provide the perch that cats want to have. No more worries and cat is happy