The Cat People

Meet this brilliant family of Maine Coons in their enriched space!

This catification is created to provide more vertical space for the large cats and an area to look out for their humans returning home.

A long vertical post is placed in the same position as their previous cat tree and we link it with bridges and platforms to the adjacent wall. It is a challenge but we are happy how it turns out and cats are able to cross the passageway. We complimented the walls with a corner shelf, two wave shelves and an inclined ramp before leading to a shorter cat post tree with bed shelves for sleeping and looking out.

We bear in mind the cats’ sizes and all the shelves are large enough to accommodate comfortably. There are 4 exit/entry points and the cats have been using them daily while the humans are happily watching.

Reach us via our contact form on our website if you need to create a customized vertical space. We will be happy to hear from you.

Keep safe and catify!

Photos Credit: FamiliaCoon SG