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Customised Cat Safety Solutions for Balconies, Patios, Roof Terraces, Gardens, Windows, Gates and Service Yards.

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We love cats and we want to keep them safe and happy while minimizing hazards and harms. Your cats will benefit from our behavioural expertise and installation planning to find the best safety solutions that fit your cat family. Our team has 12 years experience in managing cat outdoor access with cat safety nets. We give you and your cats the enjoyment of your outdoor space and a view to the world in purfect safety. Be it a condo, HDB, landed property, we will come up with non invasive solutions for tenants and owners alike to keep the whole family happy!

Our solutions are functional , discreet and aesthetic, they are the least visibly disruptive option in the market. You will still be able to maneuver your windows and have access to your air-con condenser or the gate to your pool condo. Our nets are manufactured specifically for cats, they are UV treated and are calibrated to resist climbing, jumping and an impact of up to 45 kg.

The cat safety nets come in different colors, textures and square sizes.  The cat safety international standard guidelines are 5 cm to 2 cm square.  We will help you select the correct net that fits your cat’s needs and the structure you intend to cat proof. Your cats age and behavioural history are all factors we take into consideration in our planning. We can help ex-community cats or your previously roaming cat make the transition to safe indoor/outdoor environment.  We follow international cat safety installation standards and our suppliers are cat safety specialists and manufacturers. In addition, we also provide after sale services and will follow your cats progress and adaptation closely after the installation.

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