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Cat Safety: Cat Proof Your Balconies

Examples of Cat Safety Balconies and Roof Terraces Installation

Cat Safety

Balconies and Roof Terraces

Cat proof balconies and roof terraces are possible! Click on the images below for a better look at our cat netting and meshing solutions.

Balconies and roof terraces are notorious for terrible, life threatening cat falls. You should never trust your cats in that environment without taking proper measures to cat proof your balcony. As balconies come in different shapes and forms, soft cat safety net is the ideal material to adapt to different contours, handrail and cladding.

Our nets are so discreet, they will not block your views and you will soon forget they are even there. Installation is also non invasive and the nets can be removed easily if you move out or sell your unit. We love how it changes the life of our cat customers and their pawrents. Enjoy your balcony with your cats in purrfect safety.

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