The Cat People

Event Layout

Atrium A

The Cat People

Atrium B

Vendors (see below)

Atrium C

Cat Adoption Drive

7 Oct |  Cat Welfare Society (CWS)

8 Oct | Purely Meow Adoption


Project Luni

T1 | Dunggae Feeds
T2 | The Pets Couture Pte Ltd
T3 | Crafterfish
T4 | Whimsical Knots
T5 | The Cat Inspired
T6 | Manja Mao
T7 | The Busy Furries
T8 | Paw Minion (Merch Minion Pte Ltd)
T9 | Taiyaki Neko Cafe
T10 | TAILStore (by TAILS Inc)

R1 | Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd
R2 | Silversky Pets
S1 | Good Life Cat (Haomingmao Pte Ltd)
S2 | Pet connexion LLP
S3 | FurristicTales & Shop The Paw Pte Ltd
S4 | Arky Neko & SGMonsterpet
S5 | Ohmypaws.Co & CMC Ventures Pte Ltd
S6 | Petcubes Pte Ltd

More details are coming soon!

Paw Fashion Bonanza!

Want to showcase your stylish feline friend in a fashionable outfit? Join us at the Paw Fashion Bonanza on Saturday, October 7th, at 3 pm.

The top 3 winners will receive fantastic prizes:

1st prize

$200 voucher from Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd


2nd prize

$150 worth of products from CMC Ventures Pte Ltd


3rd prize

$80 voucher from Pet Connexion


We’re honored to have Paul Foster, a seasoned entertainment industry veteran known for his roles as an actor, model, and host, as both a judge and prize presenter for this contest. 

Register here now!

Participants to gather at the stage area by 2:45 pm on October 7th.

The elegant cat should be carried by its owner and gracefully walk the catwalk on stage. The owner is entirely responsible for ensuring the cat’s welfare and safety. It is imperative that your cat is at ease in a public environment and does not make any escape attempts. The Cat People and Leisure Park Kallang shall not be held accountable for any potential incidents or accidents.

A round of applause to the 5 stunning meowdels featured in our poster. From left to right, casperxcallie.colbyxchaplin, m.m.maple, bambam.bella.lola.louie, memoriesofglc, and The Tabby Boys

Let’s make it a paw-sitively fun and fashionable show! 🐾👏😺

More details are coming soon!

7 October at 7.30pm Hall 2       

The film “A Street Cat Named Bob” tells the true story of a stray cat living in the city whose love for a street performer changes both of their lives. The movie is set in London, England, and it centers around James (played by Luke Treadaway), a street musician who encounters Bob, a stray orange cat, in his impoverished neighborhood in 2007. The film chronicles the real-life events that unfold in this heartfelt story, with the actual Bob taking on the starring role.

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8 October at 5pm Hall 2       

“Puss in Boots” is a daring adventurer renowned for his self-centered nature. But as he nears his ninth and final life, Puss starts feeling uneasy about his enemies and his past life of daring exploits. To confront this, he sets out on a journey to locate a Wishing Star that can bestow upon him more lives.

This movie functions as both a spinoff of the Shrek series and a continuation of the 2011 film “Puss in Boots.”

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Would you like to create an unique piece for your art collection?  Join us for an hour of clay modeling fun! We have 10 slots available per day for children aged 4 to 12 🙂

Sessions will take place at Global Art unit #03-04A on October 7th and 8th at 5 pm.

Don’t miss out. click here to register now!

We extend our special thanks to Global Art for hosting this session. Here’s some information about what they do:

Global Art has revolutionised into a new teaching and learning methodology that enhances children’s learning abilities and creativity through art. Global Art’s mission is to provide a stepping stone to every child, to explore their artistic nature. We believe that the strength of the system lies in its emphasis not on the outcomes, but on the creative process.