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About The Cat People

Who we are, how we came to be and what we strive for.

The Cat People Story

The Cat People creates harmony within cat-human environments.

With great appreciation and gratitude to our customers who trust us with the lives of their felines and the creation of harmony within their cat-human habitats, we developed our expanse of experience and skills in the management of safety and psychological welfare within cat-human
habitats, and we will continue to learn and evolve to better serve cats and their humans.

What started from a need to find appropriate resources for creating a harmonious environment for our founder Alen and her two cats, has become more than a business. The Cat People is as much a business as we are a mission, an advocate of cat safety and for the harmonious coexistence of cats in a human environment.

While we are familiar with the old ways of humans having cats in their homes, modern infrastructure and lifestyles also mean that the old ways need to evolve if we are to maintain an equilibrium of harmony for our cat-human environments.

To effectively address the physiological and psychological requirements of felines, we always consider the basic nature of cats and their needs and through research and case studies. This is now even more urgent as our environment and lifestyles evolve at an even faster rate than felines can naturally evolve to safely adapt.

Felines climb, explore, hunt and are territorial by nature. They have not evolved quickly enough to appreciate the dangers of climbing in high-rise environments, for living permanently in a confined space, nor for reacting safely to high-speed vehicles.

We address these natural tendencies within your environment with consultation and site visits to acquaint ourselves with your furry and not-so-furry family members and the safety and aesthetic requirements of the environment.

We are The Cat People, and we would love to hear from you and help you harmonize your Cat-People environment!

Meet The Team

Alen Thum

founder, director
cat behaviourist

The motivation behind Alen’s dream to design Catification and create a safe home was inspired by her very own cats – a very active Bengal and a skittish rescued feral cat. While caring for her cats, Alen did a considerable amount of data collection with research & development to actively produce a key ingredient for Feline Customization. This was made possible after testing a vast amount of online products and putting pieces of the puzzle together. The art of planning a good Catification is essential, with benefits extending to the cat parents. Nothing beats the joy of watching her client’s or her own cats merrily enjoy the well-planned vertical space that fits in perfectly with the décor of each home.

Jon Hanafi Shah

senior manager
sales & project management

Jon is never a novice when comes to animals or wildlife. He is easily recognisable as an avid animal trainer and show presenter in our local wildlife institution(s). He naturally exudes warmth, hospitality and knowledge when comes to understanding your cats. With his own family of Maine Coons back at home, it was pivotal that his felines are well stimulated and holistically enriched. With a keen eye for design and a robust understanding of cat behaviour and anatomy, Jon find it a strong factor to be part of The Cat People. Through this endorsed platform, it is continuously a fulfilling journey to provide accurate credible recommendations for PawParents with on including Cat Safety in their homes and activating vertical space to elevate the synergy and harmony between humans and felines under the same roof.

Vivianne Goh

cat behaviourist

Vivianne has been an avid cat lover since young which has lead her into a lifelong research into cat behaviour and how humans and their beloved pets can live happily together. As the dedicated cat behaviourist for the cat people, Vivianne has gone above and beyond to help people with their cat related issues as she believes every cat deserves a happy home. With a keen eye for design she has also helped many people design the purfect catification for their cats taking into account their beloved companions habits and behaviours.

The Cat People is based in SINGAPORE.

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