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Who we are, how we came to be and what we strive for.

The Founders



Helene and Alen have a combined total of more than 40 years experience understanding cat’s mind and behaviour and applying practical solutions to single and multi-cat households.  Our approach is truly to look at all aspects of your cat’s life and come up with ways to expand your cat’s happiness and mental health.  

The Cat People Story

Behind The Cat People are two ladies – Helene and Alen who met through rescuing and adopting a cat name “Sparkle” via an adoption drive organised by Cat Welfare Society (CWS).

Sparkle was the big “spark” that got our friendship started and sharing of ideas and experiences about cats. We may have never met if it wasn’t for little Sparkle (shown above on the header’s picture).

We both had a common dream of creating  a “specialised cat consultancy”, advocating for cats well-being.  Shortly after we met, we made the big plunge and founded “The Cat People“.  Our expertise to focus on cat safety, behavioural advice and properly planned catification. 

Our Motivation Behind The Cat People

Helene Papillon

Behind Helene’s advocating for cat safety and proper environment enrichment was the tragic loss of some of Helene’s own cats.  Her first cat, when Helene was 7 years old, was killed by a car right in front of her home, left Helene with  trauma as a child. After that horrible experience, none of her cats were ever left to roam. Later in life, she lost 2 other cats through windows being left open when they should have been closed.

Having had cats for more then 40 years, Helene has learn to “think like a cat” and foresee what can go wrong and how to solve behavioural problems. Helene did not want to loose another cat in a senseless accident again. She also wanted to continue enjoying her windows and outdoor space with minimal visual disruption but in complete safety for her cats. She researched available solutions and found a total lack of options in the market. 12 years ago she discovered specialised cat safety nets and started using and installing this method for her own cats and other families who needed the same protection for their cats.

Alen Thum

Alen’s motivation behind her dream to design Catification was her own cats as well. She adopted two very different cats, an extreme active Bengal and a feral rescued cat. As most homes are small and do not include outdoor space, the need to catify became crucial in supporting her cats. Apart from having to keep her bengal busy and engaged during long hours of the day home alone, she had to programme a safe space that would help her feral cat socialise and elevate her self-confidence. In

Alen’s experience, buying catification items online or in a petshop was a disappointing process. No customisation was available, and the products were lacking in style, quality and effectiveness. This essentially made catification a DIY project where you had to patch together whatever you could find in your home, without any specialized assistance. Spurred to do considerable research on catification, Alen has since developed expertise in creating a space where cats can keep entertained — tailored to the needs and decor of each home.

Why The Cat People?

Our strength as a consultancy is definitely our approach at incorporating all 3 services seamlessly into The Cat People. All 3 services are connected in keeping your cats safe and happy. You cant keep your cat safely inside and expect it will be fine. Your home must be adapted to take your cat’s natural behaviour into consideration.  When you consult with us, you get our advice in all 3 important aspects of your cat’s life.

At The Cat People, we work as a team and both Helene and Alen are equally adept at Cat Safety, Catification and Behavioural. You can count on our experience to deliver the best advice and solutions for your cats.

All our Safety and Catification solutions are created in-house in our Singapore workshop with a lot of love, care and attention to details.

Many behavioural problems arise from a lack of stimulation that are necessary for a cat’s mental health. We tend to see a situation via our human bias. At “The Cat People”  we teach you how to see your home through your cat’s eyes. We are here for you and your cats, fully committed to demystifying everything about your cat.

Please remember, having cats roam in and out of your home is no longer an acceptable/safe option in today’s urban environment for a long list of reasons.

Trusting cats to avoid falling and walking out on thin ledges and handrail or walk away never to return, is not something you would trust your own toddler with. Your beloved cat may avoid disaster 9/10 times but it is the 1/10 that is final and seals the fate of your cat.

Keep your cat safe and happy!


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