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Cat Behavioural

Correcting Cat Behavioural Issues Through Human Education

Cat Behavioural

Bringing Peace Back Into Your Home

Just like humans, cats have different personalities. Some cats may never have problems and some cats may develop problems over time. Some cats are genetically more sensitive then others and therefore more susceptible to stress and anxiety. A change, a move, an addition to the family or a departure and an illness can all be triggers for the unset of behavioural problems.

Educating on Feline Behaviour

Once you understand what your cat is thinking and how he sees his environment and perceives your family and pet friends, you are less likely to have behavioural problems with your cats and your cat will recover faster when you encounter problems. You will know what to do and what to watch for.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive re-enforcement is the corner stone of our philosophy and approach.

We provide you with the skills and tools to correct and prevent behavioural problems. We create a plan, an environment, a daily routine to better support your cats and focus on positive interactions and a system reward . We also teach you how to be the leader your cats need to guide them out of trouble.

Most common reasons Pawrents contact us for:

  • Aggression towards members of the family or other pets. Attacking/ biting/ scratching
  • Bullying, cat looking around for trouble and disturbing their cat family friends or intimidating their own Pawrents.
  • Peeing and pooping outside the box and in inappropriate places.
  • Over grooming, pulling off its fur and displaying  compulsive type behaviours
  • Shy, anxious, low self-confidence cats that are hiding and running away.
  • Difficulties integrating a new cat in the family
  • Furniture destroyers, breaking everything around the house
  • Hyper cats who just cant stop being busy bodies or focus on certain aspects of their environment obsessively
  • Transitioning a community cat or a cat that was free roaming into a house cat
  • Night owl, crying through the night
  • Planning to have a cat for the first time or a second cat, the dos and don’ts, what accessories to buy and invest in, how to select the right cat for you and your family
  • Teaching helpers everything they need to know about your cat
  • Expecting a baby and wanting to make sure you prepare your cat for the upcoming changes in the family

Behaviour consultation – Home Visit

For families who are experiencing behavioural problems with their cat (s) .
You can book a session with us and we will provide you with the practical tools and skills you need to move your cat family forward.

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