The Cat People

Catification: Shelves, Bed Shelves, Corner Shelves & Hammocks

Examples of Shelves, Bed Sheleves, Corner Shelves & Hammocks

We create and keep creating exciting new designs for all types of shelves. They can be customised in so many different ways.  We are happy to incorporate anything that means something to our customers. We have even done initials of cats on walls, Anime characters, waves, clouds, moons, stars, cat silhouettes, geometric shapes, middle eastern inspired.

From playful, to theme driven to sophisticate elegance, we keep coming up with new ideas that not only work for Pawrents but also are practical for cats. We even have shelves that can take your cats around the corner of a wall. All our cat customers love them! See Cats in action or blissfully asleep in our gallery of pictures.

More details on how our installations are done can be found here.

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