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Some happy words from our clients and featuring our feline friends!


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Mastiana Hoque

Alen and her team are personable, friendly and she really understands the deep affection I have for my Mindy. Alen provided me with lots of advice when I was struggling with managing Mindy’s behaviour as she transitioned to an indoor only cat.

Naturally The Cat People were my choice when we moved house and I had to cat proof the balcony. The team at The Cat People are really polite and professional. They even came back once to show me how to move the net incase we wanted to do some gardening in our planters.

It really is worth the cost – which seems high initially but it’s really worth it!

Homer Tan

The Cat People did a great job with my cat den. The seller had warned me that the Bengal Cat I was buying likes to mark his territory. This will cause my house to stink with cat urine.

Hence I needed to to build a large cage that is easy to clean. I was impressed by the knowledge that Alen has on cat behaviour and could design an enclosure for my cat with cat behaviour in mind. It has two pillars for the cat to climb connected by a bridge.

It was a pleasant surprise to me that my cat did not urinate all over his enclosure. This is evidence that he is happy in his new environment. I am delighted with the results.

So is my cat. Alen always had time to answer questions about training and caring for my Bengal, Leopard. This was a bonus to me.

Once again, great job and thank you, Alen and Cat People.

Lizzie Hodges

What a fantastic creation! My furry friend is a rescue boy, in a neighbourhood which already has a lot of other cats, so having use of the backyard without compromising his safety was paramount. Joules could not be happier with his new catio, and I’m ecstatic seeing him in it.

In addition, (The Cat People) then helped me transform the space so it was more cat-friendly, advising plants and answering all my questions (as only a passionate expert can!). Installation looks clean and solid, and although others may be dubious of the netting to me it looks as I imagined and now I find that I am looking forward to using the space myself; it has been transformed. Very worthwhile investment, can’t thank you enough for my happier cat!

Laura Nicholson

The Cat People have made a huge difference to our household. They are meticulous and very thorough at ensuring cats safety whilst still keeping the design subtle and discrete. Our cats (and my Husband and I) can now enjoy the fresh air on our balcony which is wonderful. The cats have a great area to play and it’s really improved their relationship. Would highly recommend The Cat People to anyone. Thanks so much.

Rachel Landau

(The Cat People) did a wonderful job of putting up my cat netting and I have a very happy cat who loves being out on the balcony watching the birds and exploring.

Wonderful, caring and friendly people.

Sarah Merette

Amazing service – my two kittens can now roam around freely on a patio I once thought I would never be able to use after getting cats!! Thanks so much.

Eliza Choh-Lesniak

Thank you for everything – extremely fast response/replies, excellent quality workmanship, and best of all, super pleasant team to work with!! THANK YOU ❤️

We highly recommend @thecatpeoplesg solutions to all in the cat community.

Hannah Hong

The Cat People team are AWESOME! Finally my patio is safe for my cats to hangout without much supervision! And no more cats sneaking out and getting lost. Thank you guys SOOO MUCH! I love my patio more now!!

Sally Burr

After losing our beloved Max in a terrible fall. We found The Cat People who did an amazing job securing the area where it happened. Double security of having the insect mesh previously installed and the secure mesh by The Cat People. Thank you!

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Head over to our social medias for the most recent projects testimonials from our clients.

Tonnes More Examples and Testimonials on Social Media!

Head over to our social medias for the most recent projects testimonials from our clients.

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