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Nancy & Maddy

With Manja being quite a scardy boy (even though he weighs 6 kg) and Moofie being the newcomer who has claimed the house as his kingdom!  We are so grateful to have the cat people come and catify our home!

Instead of having to hide in spaces deep, far and underneath where it is dusty, now each of the cats have found their own chill out spots as well as their own runway and hide out spaces when unwanted humans come and visit their kingdom. 😉

The runway high up has encouraged both cats to walk and run more which has greatly improved their and MY night time sleep. Before the building of the runway at night the boys would chase each other. Now no more as during the day they had enough exercise and during the night now they and I get to sleep through!

Last but not least, the boys love to lounge and chill near the safe grilled windows watching and meowing at the birds and they greatly enjoy scratching the scratch pole up high!

So once again thank you @thecatpeople for wonderful service, fair price and great cat expertise. Manja, Moofie and myself are blessed!

Love @theblackmanja

Armen Rizal Rahman

It’s been nearly two years since we had our cats… In the third year, we decided to go for the catification and build our furnishing around the installations… also we needed fresh air coming in as soon as possible. Though we thought we can do it on our own, we don’t quite like how inconsistent and limited the parts available at Ikea are. We decided to seek help from Alen and Helene when we found them at Cats of Instagram (Singapore) Facebook Group.

I must say that The Cat People’s effort to make it as much OUR furnishing as much it is for the cats is perhaps why we immediately believe they can do a great job at it. Twice they came to recce our place to really ensure they got it right.

The results speaks for itself! We love how it compliments well with the type of look we want for our furnishing, and the cats just LOVE their new mini playground. Me and my wife couldn’t stop taking pictures as they explore the catification; it’s like we’re adopting different cats!

Thank you once again to Alen and Helene for the incredible work. The Hoomans  and Cats are happy! 🙂

Rudy Phua

The Cat People were friendly and meticulous in their consultation, planning and design, down to the choice of shelves, poles, colours and type of materials to complement the decor of our living room.

Even the installation was carefully and neatly executed – the positioning of the structures were measured and positioned precisely as the safety and comfort of the cats had to be taken into consideration. The fine workmanship produced finished work that met our family’s approval.

The consultant even took the time and effort to train the cats. Eventually, the cats were scaling and jumping around their new playground.

Thank you Alen, Helene and Stafford!

Jenny Cheong

Thank you Alen and team for creating a beautiful and safe catification for my cats. Ever since then, they have been running up and down the shelves and tree. They also prefer to rest and sleep on the cushioned shelves then the floor or bed now. I am so happy to see them exercising and enjoying the times of their lives!

(The Cat People) are very friendly and helpful throughout our communication. (They) even provided guidance on how to integrate my cats as one of them used to pick on fights with the rest. Using (their) method, the cats are now successfully integrated together. No more fighting. Yay to The Cat People! My heartfelt gratitude to all of you for making my cats and me very happy and loved. Well done!

Finchy Ket

With cats: Various (Cat Home Boarding Services)

I am glad that an adopter of mine introduced me to The Cat People. Behind The Cat People are 2 amazing ladies – Alen & Helene. I approached them for a possible catification project because I have 2 younger kitties who would pick on the older cats, especially Lilou & Sora. Lilou would pick on Mini (the biggest cat in my home), and Indie – my second cat -, and occasionally picking on Pippin too – my first cat. Sora would pick on Indie. With the fabulous catification design that Alen & Helene had come up with, Lilou & Sora picks on the older kitties lesser now and they are the using the shelves to play amongst themselves. The older kitties also absolutely LOVE the cat tree and the shelves. No more lounging on the floor! The best thing is, I have gained a great friendship with Alen & Helene. I would urge every cat owner to consider a catification project in their homes. Give your mini panthers and mini tigers a cat playground that they will love forever! Your cats will be happier – I know because I am a satisfied customer!

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Tonnes More Examples and Testimonials on Social Media!

Head over to our social medias for the most recent projects testimonials from our clients.

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