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Catification: Cat Post Trees and Scratching Surfaces


Cat Post Trees and Scratching Surfaces

Our post cat trees provide a great visual design element to your home. They are sturdy, solid and stable.  We do not use any cardboard material. Trees offer and all in one experience for your cats: scratching, climbing, jumping, standing and sleeping.

The trees are customised to the required height you need and the number and size of shelves your cats need. We have anything from mini cat trees to super extra tall ones with multiple shelves. Our post trees come in different colors as shown in the gallery of pictures. We offer re-roping services when the sisal is worn out.

We have two types of post trees:

  • Suspended post trees that are secured to the wall. They save a lot of precious space and can even be suspended above furniture from which your cat can access the tree directly.
  • Standing post trees that have a stand on the floor and are secured to the ceiling.

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