The Cat People

These 2 Blue Burmese cats got a real garden palace to call their home 🏡

They are so excited about having so much more space and things to do during the day 🐈.

The best part : the whole family can use the outdoors with the cats with no or few compromises. Its all safe and cat proofed….

Bonus: you don’t have to use your aircon all the time anymore… You can open your windows and doors !! 🤩

Every project we plan to cat proof is different.

➡️We need to assess the cats from a behavioral point of you to get a good sense of their personalities and the risk factors with each cat to ensure the safety plan will be purrrfectly adapted.

➡️We study the structure to identify all the weak spots in the garden that present possible escape

➡️We make a detailed structural plan and decide on type of material and best suited cat safety net for that particular project.

➡️We make use of existing features in the garden to give cats cat walks, perches and vertical space as seen in this project by making use of some of the wall and columns. View individual pictures for more details and explanations .

➡️We make sure our plan is practical for the family routine and the outdoor space is easily accessible.

For this project, we used a non climbable net.

Where the net is lower and there are structures that can be used to escape, a cat safety net roof was added.

In areas where there is no cat safety roof, the net was installed vertically on the inside of the wall , preventing cats to gain a foot hold on the top of the wall. The net in those area is also taller.

We thought through the gate in details:

😍We loved all the natural features of the walls and columns. Instead of denying access, we used it to enhance the cat’s experiences😸 .

We made a bridge to cross over the gate and link all the walls and colomns . The cats have now a full catwalk that goes the full length of the property front and back……

✔️And we made sure a delivery van can clear the bridge and drive into the carpark 😊

The cats are happy because they got what they need. They are not spending their day trying to find a way out. They have an all inclusive ” cat resort” 🐈🐈🐾🐾

When you give sufficient perching space, the cats can view their full territory and beyond. They can watch all passer by in complete safety.

👉Yes! cat feel safe, more grounded and more in control when they can view into the distance from a safe spot from higher ground.

*️⃣Tips of the day:

With cat safety also comes due diligence. If you have a busy body cat , too intelligent and adventurous for his own good. Give him what he needs to feel more grounded. He will settle quickly and stop thinking about what he could attempt next because he is satisfied and his needs have been met as a cat.

Same goes for any safety installation. If you don’t provide a way to sit next to a safe window, that window will always be a target because all cats want to naturally look out a window. Best to give then a nice spot for them to settle safe and happy.

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Samy, having his morning coffee on the porch and enjoying his safe freedom.

King Samy the Burmese on top of his throne. Plenty of space to rest and enjoy. It would have been real sad to deny him such a great natural catification feature.

Samy and Sophie making practical use of their giant platform over the gate and linking the full wall features together.

The cats have a full cat walk and cat use the columns to go up and down and along the wall.

King and Queen, each having their own thrones in the back of the garden.

The side did not require a roof in this particular case. We made sure the cats could not gain foot hold on the top of the wall. This net is also non climbable.

The back was fully netted to prevent escapes via the awning and aircon condensers,

Samy is enjoying the full bridge cross over the gates.

Sophie enjoying her new territory and going from the back garden to the front.