The Cat People

The 6 Cats on this balcony just can’t get enough of the best views of Singapore on their vertical catification.

These 6 kitties, are having the time of their life living it high up on this 22nd floor balcony. 4 of them are rescued kitties and 2 are Scottish Folds from Japan.

The Cat People designed a safe balcony fitted with our specialised cat safety net. This net is purrrfectly safe for this type of condition. The net is strong, sturdy, UV proof and long lasting. Its made for cats and will sustain a 45KG impact.

To top it all, the pawrents asked us to create an out of this world catfication . A vertical kitty world with suspended catwalks, bridges, cat trees and shelves. Everything to keep these kitties entertained on their balcony.

There are multiple pathways, entrances and exits , making it easy for any cat to by pass one an other and prevent what we call cat traps and dead ends. These planning consideration are important when you have multiple cats living together.

This plan has totally worked for the cats. They rock the balcony. Everyone is entertained and Pawrents cant wait to sit on the balcony in the evening and watch all the action above and around them.

Talk to us about bringing safe/ entertaining holistic solutions to your cats that will change their lives positively and keep the whole family entertained. 

We truly are cat specialists and know what your cats need.

Thank you to Pawrent Mariko and Edward for bringing us on board to create this amazing space for the whole family. 

PM for more details or contact us via our website