The Cat People

Yes it is possible to have great style when your catification is planned well.?

The Cat People pay attention to customer’s esthetics and attention to details.

But we also fully deliver on maximising vertical space for your cats and ensuring everything is calculated purrrfectly for guaranteed kitty usage.

Pawrent was super diligent with planning for the arrival of an adopted cat. She wanted everything to be fully cat proofed in advance and provide her future cat with well planned catification. ?

We were happy to net the windows with our cat safety net and design this project for her and her future cat.

Catification will help double the space of a small area and provide hours of daily environment enrichment for your cats.?

As a result…. Surprise !! She was able to adopt and give a home to not just one cat… but 2 cats !!! Yeah! Two more cats found purrfect homes.?Way to go!!!

Kittens were quick to explore and climb up and down the post like little “velcros”. SOOOO cute ! ?
Contact us to find out more about our catification and cat safety services. We can’t wait to hear about your cats and make them and you feel even happier!