The Cat People

It was a close call for this young female Bengal, Zienta. She managed to push and peel off the corner of the window meshing and went missing for a day ?. She was found in the carpark the next day after a frantic search?.

This really super nice family had a horrible 24 hours and are so lucky to have found her in good health. Have professionals take care of your windows and cat proof your home. We really know what to do to keep your cats safe ☺️. 

Sally wanted to keep as much light as possible coming into her home. Our cat safety net in beige 2 cm was the perfect choice for this family of two cats. Look at her window grilles, you can’t see the net!!?

Some cats need a lot of exercise, play and excitement , Zienta is definitely one of those cats. Having a solid cat tree with spacious shelves, and some catwalk platforms is the way to go for such cats. Daily play sessions are also a must. 

Zienta is seen with her friend Olley on their new cat tree we customised for them. To keep your cat mentally active and physically fit – Enriched your home environment and your cat’s daily routine. 

We can help you with all aspects of your cat’s life with our cat educational programs and behavioural consultations. You will learn things you never knew about your own cats ?

Contact us at The Cat People to keep your cat safe and to create exciting home environments for your cats.