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Hades is a rescued cat. He had been free roaming for a number of years.

Unfortunately, he was having fights with other cats moving in and out of his territory. The injuries and vet bills were scary and his pawrent decided it was time to find a solution to keep Hades safe.

Hades had also become mentally unstable. He was so insecure and scared by his recent fights , he was peeing and marking on all the beds… even while sitting on his pawrent lap!!??

Your Pawrents worse nightmare !!!!???

This is how we, The Cat People, came in and rendered our expertise.

What We Did

We worked with Shawne Wang to explain and interpret Hades unwanted behaviors and the strategies we would use to help alleviate the crisis they were in.

1. First we took care of cat proofing the entire L shape back garden – 15mX15m with our cat safety net. This is to ensure that Hades can’t get out of his garden or any intruder can come in. The cat safety net we installed is also anti chew.

2. Secondly, we had to take note of the behavioral problems Hades was having and the outside psychological perceived threat for Hades.

The topography of the garden structure was a crucial element in solving this case and helping Hades calm down.


Because there was a long tall wall of 15 meters and once the net up, no way for Hades to gain leverage on top of the wall.

That means that the invader cat could come and taunt Hades from the other side of the net and cause Hades stuck at the bottom of the garden, considerable anxiety over his territory.

In cat behaviour language, if a cat feels trapped and his nemesis is above him… there is no way the lower cat can ever regain his self confidence??

Therefore, we introduced cat walks on the full length of the 15 meters and built a cat tree with a bridge WITH large platform for Hades to patrol his territory. This way Hades could feel on top of his world.?

Once Hades felt he could patrol safely the top of his wall and understood he was the king of his kingdom with no challenger able to trespass, he calmed down and regained his lost confidence. ?

Catification Tips

When planning your home and outdoor space for your cats, always make sure their environment can provide what cats need to feel happy and secured.

Cats must be able to climb, perch, sleep high, patrol, nibble at plants, see a view of something interesting and see their world from a vintage point. Providing them with appropriate accessories to mark their territory is also what makes cats cats.

Free roaming cats can adapt well to restricted outdoor space and home environments if all of these are provided. Its what we call an ” enriched environment”.

Roaming cats don’t tend to live long lives. They eventually get injured or killed. You love your cat…Protect your cat ❤️

If this is something that you are looking for, contact us at The Cat People to plan your own balcony, garden and catio. We love to help you and your cats live great experiences together!

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Hades enjoying one of his long platforms on the perimeter of his 15 m long wall. He is truly relaxed and enjoying.

Hades loves his bridge and edible plants. The cat tree platform is above the wall height, giving Hades a perfect birds eye view of his territory.

Hades looking confident on his platform . All the plants are edible plants for cats. His favourite is the lemon grass on the left side shelf.

Cool Cat Hades crossing his bridge.

Hades is so happy with all the options we have given him. he has a full view of his entire neighbourhood and can see everything going on on the other side of the wall. That is the greatest way to feel safe and secure.

Safe Garden With Catification

Multiple connecting shelves and platforms get Hades a full experience of his territory and variety in his exercise routine.

Hades on his super long cat walk along his 15 meter long wall. He has a great bridge , edible plants and his own cat tree.

This is the other side of the L shape garden we cat proofed. We did some shelves on the wall and added a bamboo edible plant. The strategy for this side was different. The open fence allows for cats to see each other at the ground level, so the necessity to go up was not as crucial as on the other side of the garden. Therefore the decision was made to concentrate the catification on the wall.