The Cat People

95% of the customers we visit for our behavioral consultations do not know how to play with their cats.

And 95% of our customers play with the wrong toys or play with toys the wrong way. 

Look at Diva and Tiny….. a British shorthair female and a majestic Maine Coon. They look like the perfect couple on this picture don’t they ? 🐈🐈

….Their pawrents had already given up on the possibility of these two ever getting along.

The Cat People were called in for a behavioral session as an attempt to make it work.

We are so proud of Wu Han Yu for stepping up to the challenge , asking for help to solve his cat problems and applying what we teached him right away. He has now confidently helped his cats into clear happy cat territory.

Play time is one of the basic technique we teach our customers. It may sound easy but there is a science behind it.

I am sure some of you will say, “oh I know how to play with my cat” or “my cat does not play at all”…. You might be surprised to discover a cat you did not know as well as you thought you did, once we pull out our toys 😸

With the right techniques, information and teaching, we can get you out of some of your cat behavioral problems in a flash. Some problems do take longer to solve and some are very quickly resolved. 

We will explain the body language of your cats and coach you how to act with leadership and confidence to get your cats on the right pathway. 

We have engaging techniques and you will gain a lot of insight on your cats. 

These two kitties used to be separated behind closed doors because they looked like they were fighting and Tiny was charging Diva. Mr. Tiny had also developed the bad habit to bite and scratch his pawrents. 😢

No More ! After just one session, doors are now open , the two cats are finally getting along and Tiny is no longer attacking his pawrent and paw mate. 😸😸

Make an appointment with us if you have:

– Aggression issues with your cats
– Difficulties integrating your cats
– Peeing and pooping outside the box
– Over grooming and anxiety 
– Shy cats that wont come out and interact
– Getting a cat for the first time and need to know all you need to know to get you and your cat on the path for success.
– Expecting a baby or have young children , we can help prepare a smooth integration.

Most of our behavioural cases can be solved in only one session.

We will leave you with a plan of action and a number of strategies that will truly impact your family positively.

If you have been living a long time under stress from issues with your cats…. 😩

Its time to solve your cat problems and start relaxing 😎 and enjoying the cat relationships you always wanted to have😻🐈🐈 .

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– Behavioral consultations
– Catification consultations
– Safety planning for your windows/balcony/garden

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Happy Cat Happy Family!