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When we first consulted with the Tan family, they had a dream to built something special for their British Short Hair cat Trotsky.

The brief was very important and getting it right was essential for their future plan.

Mrs Tan is expecting twins ! Yes twins 🤗
They live in an HDB apartment and the future baby room was occupied by a fenced up cat litter box…


… because their dog Maki had been eating the cat poo 💩🙀

It was time to find a solution and free the future babies’s room ASAP in time for their arrival.

💡Our idea was to create an elevated litter box inside a cabinet.

Out of the way litter box can be tricky for cats.

It can cause potential behavioral problems and encourage a cat to pee elsewhere if he is not happy with the litter box access, shape and location.

Its important to keep all behavioral aspects of your cat in mind when ever catification is planned.

In our litter box design, to help Trotsky accept the new litter box, we created an exit above the box itself.

If for a reason or an other, Trotsky felt trapped and his exit blocked by Maki the dog or toddlers in the future , he could exit or enter his litter box via an additional opening.

That means he has a main entrance and an alternative exit/entrance built in.

Bonus to the design: the future twin toddlers would not be able to play with the litter box sand . It would no longer be accessible to the kids 😁

We also ensured that everything was easily accessible to Trotsky , making the litter box an integral part of his vertical catification pathways.

The cabinet also provided extra space to store the litter bags and cat accessories out of the way.

In addition to the customised cat litter box cabinet, the catification design included:

2 cat trees, a suspended platform and multiple shelves to provide Trotsky with his own vertical space.

The catification was styled for a modern vintage vibe with a mix of rounded corners and straight lines in teakwood shades. The design complemented well the existing home decoration.

With babies soon joining the family, a touch of whimsy was added by designing the cat litter box entrance platforms and litter box opening in the shape of a cat.🐾😸🐈

Everyone in the family feels represented in the design details ❤️

Happy to report that Trotsky adapted well to his new litter box and is now using the new location like a champion 🏆💪🏽

👉Tips of the week to prevent cats from peeing outside the litter box:

➡️Keep your litter box in an accessible area.

➡️Always provide an alternative route to get to the litter box

➡️Keep your box super clean by scooping daily

➡️Give your cat a large roomy litter box , we like to recommend 40/60 cm

➡️Preferably have no cover to prevent your cat from feeling trapped if he is startled by something un expected while he is doing his business or have a second exit/entrance planned.

➡️If you have more then one pet and/or young children, have more then one box to give your cat the best chances to make the right choices

➡️Don’t place the litter box in a noisy area for example next to a washing machine or in the children play room, it might not work for all cats

➡️Don’t change the location or the type of litter substrate you are using over night, do it gradually.

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Trotsky and his best friend Maki.

Trotsky is exploring his new catification installation while Maki is watching his best friend.

Trotsky has multiple pathways, bed shelves and interesting vintage points right in the middle of the action

A view of the catification in the living and dining room.

Trotsky on his suspended catwalk.

We added a whimsy cat design to the cat litter box cabinet. The platform is in the shape of a cat body with tail , there is a paw as a step and the entrance is a cat face . The lower part of the cabinet can be used as storage .

Trotsky visiting his new elevated cat litter box while Maki has no longer any access to the cat box.

What a cool view from up there!

This tree is located in the office. It was specially customized to fit a very narrow space between the tv and the window. Trotsky use to sleep on a broken cat condo. He now has a solid cat tree with 2 roomy bed shelves by the window.

Cats always like to have a room with a view and a nice space to nap. The cat tree was designed with exactly this in mind.