The Cat People

This family of 2 cats, was planning to move to a landed property.

They loved the landed property they were interested to rent but they had concerns about the garden:

How would they open their windows and enjoy their garden without jeopardizing their cat’s safety ?

Before they made a final offer to their landlord, they brought The Cat People in, to ensure we could come up with a viable safety plan for their cats.

We were quick to see all the potential of their outdoor space and how we could expend their living space to include the garden.

All the rooms had wide sliding window doors which they would not have been able to open without restricting the cats.

💡The solutions was to enclose the entire garden 😺

We also installed a partition separating the front of the house from the side of the house. The door is perfectly functional allowing easy access to both sides of the house.

Since we installed the cat safety net on this property, here is how things have positively changed for this family:

✅ The cats can free roam indoors and outdoors and benefit from a more fulfilling day of activities

✅ The pawrents can enjoy their outdoor space with the cats with no fear of anything going wrong.

✅ Bye Bye non stop aircon ! Welcome fresh air and sunlight! 😸

✅The windows can be left open without fear of loosing the cats

✅The cats feel secured about their territory not being challenged beyond the cat safety net.

✅Pawrents are looking forward to watching their cats enjoying the outdoors and all the fun things they do.

Just like you, your cats deserve the best!

Enjoy your freedom and have your cats enjoy their freedom too.

There is nothing like having a secured outdoor space for your cats.

😻It is a game changer for them as well as for you and your family 😁

Thank you Charmaine and Cherry for entrusting us with the lives of your kitties once again .😊

Both of their cats are adopted cats. Bert is a Ragdol from a lovely rescuer/fosterer and the other, Captain Keaty is from Saving The Siameses . Thank you for giving these 2 boys a great safe home ❤️

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We are your cat’s safety experts and we do customised catification too 🤗

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Captain Keaty enjoying the garden.

View of the partition from the front of the house.

Partition wall to divide the front and side of house , and yes the door has a lock with keys 😊

Bert enjoying the warm pebbles , free cat spa 😹

Captain Keaty enjoying his outdoor life