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This catification turned out to be a fun project that dressed up the cat room as a vintage looking cruise ship for cats 🚢

This is a HDB catification project, home to 6 shy cats, one of them missing a leg.

We had to ensure that all cats could easily access their new vertical space and have sufficient resting space without creating traffic jam on the catification.

Cats who have handicaps cope very well and can adapt to most situations. But nevertheless, when planning catification, all current and future needs of your cats should be taken into consideration.

😻We designed 2 sisal “gangways” to the main “ ship window deck” to make it easy for all cats to enjoy the window and climb up to the rest of the project.

😻The ” Cat Cruise Ship Suite ” is large and open and can easily accommodate 3-4 sleeping cats.

😻Note that we have created 3 different access to the ” Cruise Ship Suite” to help increase the value for the cats and lower cat traffic jams. The “Suite” also serves as a double passage through or above to the rest of the “ship”

😻Having many ways in and out of the catification increases the territory and square footage your cats actually get.

😻Both the suspended deck and the window perch are large and roomy to accommodate this big cat family.

When your cats are shy and especially with strangers coming into the house, providing vertical space is a great way to help your cats become more confident.

Choosing to go up instantly gives a boost of confidence to cats.

With vertical space, your cats have a safe alternative to observe what is going on with humans and cats.

Cats will eventually learn to use the vertical space as a more appropriate/ constructive way to spend their time instead of hiding in the closet.

🐾Another benefit is play time. Use the catification to play and spend value time with your cats .

Thank you to Fahrizah and her family for trusting us with this most important project for their cats. We can’t wait to design the expansion in phase 2.

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Romance on the second deck of the cruise ship.

Steps up and down and ways left and right lead to the “cruise ship cat suite ” making it a full double decker box.

Cat Peek a Boo from the Cabin of the cruise ship!

Multiple comfy spaces and pathways for cats to move around.

Steps to the second deck.

Romance on the ship deck!

A vintage looking cruise ship for this family of 6 cats.