The Cat People

Black Black is a Classic black beauty . He is a lovely rescue cat with great playful temperament.

His pawrents Ros and Victor wanted to create vertical space for him .

They contacted The Cat People to design something special.

Black Black’s pawrents also had in mind another cat adopted by their roommate – Kora.

😻Ros and Victor wanted to create a home environment facilitating integration of family visitor’s cats and roommate cat’s 

👉We took all these into consideration to create 5 different areas of resting space.

😸We all know how much cats love comfy beds, hammocks and resting spaces to watch the world go by and keep a watch on their home territory.

👉By planning multiple pathways to get to different areas, each resting space could be access independently.

👉No need for Black Black to walk over another cat to get to his favourite hammock. And likewise, a visitor cat could keep to his own, explore the catification without disturbing Black Black.

👉Being able to view one an other from different safe locations, give new cats an opportunity to observe each other and get use to each other.

😸Sometimes also, we observe some “ copy cat “ behaviour going on.

👉One cat may be shy to test one area and by seeing an other cat using the catification well, you often get a case of “ monkey see monkey do “ a real bonus for more shy and cautious cats.

🐾We also did a Behavioral session for Black Black and Kora. 🐾

Kora is a rescued cat with a heart condition adopted by their roommate. She is fragile and stress must be avoided. They were worried about integrating both cats and causing undue stress to Kora.

Our behavioral session went very well and we were able to assess both cats compatibility and guide them through integration. Both Kora and Black Black did very well 🤗

Thank you to Suathoon, Ros and Victor for involving The Cat People in your cat’s wellbeing 😊

Contact us at The Cat People to discuss and plan your cat’s catification and cat proof your home.

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Black Black standing on a step shelf next to his beloved cat tree.

Kora showing Black Black how to use the cat walk in cat style. 

The perfect Halloween peekaboo !
two ways to 2 different resting spaces were created . But the pathways also allowed for criss crossing , multiplying options for cats to get in and out.

Black Black on his beloved cat tree. We made an extra large platform that integrates a comfy bed for him. He can view the entire house from that angle.