The Cat People

This is Pika (Orange-white DSH) and the Batty (Siamese), a lovely pair of brothers.

Their Pawrents engaged us to catify their home, mainly the living, bedroom and study room because that’s where they hang out most of the time!

The catification in the living room starts at the wall with lots of light and the floor to ceiling cat tree so that Batty and Pika can get their daily dose of Vitamin D. The design spreads over to the wall that is facing the dining area where we placed a corner cat tree. This way, pawrents will not be out of sight whether they are watching the TV or having their dinner 🙂

Both cats have their favorite spots during play. Pika loves the bridge that he wants to take a photo with his toy mouse on it and Batty is busy leaping from one spot to another. Look at them exploring happily together :))

Moving on to the study room, a big shelf is made to allow them to watch their pawrents while they work as previously they have been squeezing behind the computer screen. Aren’t they so sweet?

And to the bedroom, we have converted the feeding area on the floor to be on the shelf with the customised cat tree. Batty and Pika can now scratch, climb, jump and hang out here besides eating and drinking.

Lastly, cat flap doors are added to the study and master bedroom to allow cats to move in and out easily especially when the room’s air-conditioning unit is turned on.

If you have a cat or cats, an area or space is never too small or too big to catify. Contact us at and we would love to hear from you.

Stay safe, stay healthy, Meows and all 🙂

Photo Credit: Pika and Batty’s pawrents (IG @pikachewmeow)