The Cat People

If your house has full length window with no wall space, you can still create a vertical playground for your furbies. Here’s the alternate solution to wall-attached shelves and also in rental places where drilling is not allowed.

Meet Peanut and Moustache whose pawrents engaged us to create not too high a vertical space with perches by a stretch of windows. And so we did with this cat station, providing activities like climbing, jumping and resting. The shelves are huge and specially designed for 3 cats.

One of the plus point of this cat station is that it is portable, whether you are moving it to another window or area or shifting out of the house.

Peanut and Moustache have been using this since day one and they are definitely lovin’ it! Their brother, Mocassin (black cat), is still a little hesitant and watches them conquering. We cannot wait for the day to see the trio sharing this cat station day and night.

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Stay home, stay safe!

Photos Credit: Pawrents