The Cat People

Let’s meet the latest addition Shawn (ginger boy) who is about 4 to 5 months old. He is recently adopted into a family with Bella (light grey persian mix) and Scruffy (dark grey maine coon mix). He has started to scale up the steps to the suspension bridge in the bedroom, cross it and went on to conquer the rest of the catification items in the living room.

Our catification design in the living room is an extended version of what was previously installed which is the cat tree post and shelves at balcony. Pawrent wants to give more vertical space to the darlings and now with Shawn, there is definitely more than enough room for all to comfortably own the items and play together.

The extension starts from the entrance where a small natural cat tree and its shelves are custom made to fit a tight space, housing the intercom and aircon remote.

The inclined sisal board allows further scratching on the go and leads to corner shelf, signature shelves in B for Bella and S for scruffy, step shelves for another entry or exit point before connecting to the cat tree and ends with the shelves at the secured balcony with our green safety net.

The cat tree post offers climbing activity for the cats and young Shawn is seen scaling it on a daily basis. He has yet to reach the top and we have no doubts he will do so very soon.

The suspension bridge continues to be the favourite hang out for the cats in the bedroom. The bridge certainly gives the Indiana Jones adventurous vibe!

Pictures speak a thousand words. Just look at Bella, Scruffy and Shawn enjoying their new vertical playground.

Contact us today if you would like to have a customised vertical playground for your cats too! Because happy cats means happy pawrents!

Photos Credit: Pawrent