The Cat People

This is Leopard, a beautiful active Bengal who was known to mark his territory with daily spaying. He is now happy in his new home that has been been made safe and catified! 🐱

When Leopard’s new pawrent came to us, he wanted to enclose the back patio and was prepared to hose down the frequent spaying. It was sad that Leopard did not feel secured with his previous families and so not only did we enclose it safely, we provided vertical space for him to own, be confident and get back his mojo 💪. It is also important to separate him from the 3 huge dogs in his new family so as to help him settle in before integration.

Using the pillar as support, we constructed a suspension rope bridge across to allow 2 way access. From the wall end there is a tall cat tree post for climbing and scratching and at the pillar end step shelving. Here, Leopard is able to watch the birds in the trees from 2 strategically located shelves or simply sleep on. We also provided linkage to a shelf placed near the edge of the enclosure overlooking the dogs’ section to give Leopard a vantage point.

On the day of his arrival and the morning after, Leopard did not spay one bit and has been using his litter box and his vertical space happily. He has also advanced to spend time with his human in his room and on his bed. Integration with his dogs is in progress and we are so proud of Leopard and his human for giving him the love and care, a safe space and a catified one!

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🐾 Happy Cat Happy Family 🐾

Photos Credit: Pawrent & us