The Cat People

Meet Blini, Bambi and Heidi. Their pawrents contacted us for help to catify the balcony that we had previously installed a cat safety net. During the visit, it was revealed that the balcony catification will be able to help in their integration process with the kitties. At that point in time, Heidi (the newcomer) was kept in a room while Bambi and Blini roamed freely. At times, Blini would chase Bambi and Bambi would go after Heidi in a fight if they should meet. The pawrents asked for advice on cat behavioural and would like to open all doors with no separation.

We asked to see the living room and after understanding the pawrents’ lifestyle, it would be purrfect to share this huge space with the kitties giving them personalised vertical space, thus helping cats to get along. And so we proposed to catify both the balcony and the living room.

The living room catification is designed such that it enables the 3 cats to spend quality time with their humans besides chasing, climbing and playing. We provided a tall wall hung cat post tree with a bed shelf specially for Heidi to get away from Bambi. We also made use of the family’s book shelf to connect across the huge wall giving them multiple entry and exit points should there be a confrontation. There are lots of platforms and areas to chill out and a hammock at top right end corner for a cat to have Me Time.

At the balcony, we installed a bridge that provides for all 3 cats to hang out together for birdy lookouts. The nature outside will have sufficient distraction for Bambi to take her eyes off Heidi and allow cats to coexist together.

After the installation, we advised the pawrents to help the cats bond by close door feeding and playing before open door or visible feeding and finally playing at the living room under supervision. The pawrents have put in lots of effort to see this through. Now, the cats are able to roam free, play and rest in the living room, perch out from the bridge platforms or step shelves to admire the scenery from the balcony.

Safe to say, Blini, Bambi and Heidi are no longer behind closed doors or separated and we are happy to have provided the family with a peace of mind!
Photos Credit: IG@blinithesiberian

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