The Cat People

Meet these 2 lovely kittens, Kate and Chloe (I know, what beautiful names too right?)

When Dad adopted them for his daughter as a surprise, the family, with 3 dogs in their home, knew they needed to catify, as it would be Ideal for the kitties to have their very own private enclave in the sky.

To make this perfect home come true for their kitties, we made use of existing furniture, integrating the family’s beautiful bookshelves into this project. We specially designed a hanging feature, linking the family’s living room window and dining room wall.

With the suspended platform in the living area with one step, Kate and Chloe can easily climb up from the shoe cabinet. This allows them to explore the hanging area where they will meet the cat tree post and can spend all day scratching!

Kate and Chloe are able to move freely across the bookshelves passage onto our connecting platform and what a perfect view of the dining area. They can now join the family for meal times!

We have provided a longer cat tree post with a bridge besides the shorter post in the front. These are great for activities like climbing, chasing each other up and scratching.

When they are ready to call it a day, Kate and Chloe have a variety of places to retire to, such as the bridge platforms, the H-U-G-E box above the door and on the hammock (look at them sleeping together on the hammock, awww….)

With these specially customized platforms, we also cat proofed the entire home bearing their safety in mind, thus allowing Kate and Chloe to have a safe and purrfect loving home with great views!

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Photos Credit: Pawrents 🐾