The Cat People

Another fulfilling assignment completed!

Here’s Mudpie and Pepper. We were told by their pawrents that they were never able to get along and were separated close to a year in the previous home. Not any more now with the 360 degrees catification of the living room space in their new home. With the added vertical spaces that challenge them to climb, jump, hunt and more, they are able to claim their own territorial space and get along well.

We combined a bridge and curve shelf with suspended platforms linking from the wall with an inclined sisal ramp, wave shelves to rest on and a cubby hole for hideout, to long planks above the window to get across or simply sleep on. From here, a cat tree post continues to a plank above the TV, connecting to the cabinet and back to the suspended platforms. There are multiple entry and exit points to give hours and hours of fun for the beautiful rescues kitties, Chocolate, Pepper, Potato, Teddy and Mudpie.

Here at The Cat People, we aim to convert your beautiful homes aesthetically to cater to your cats’ habits with spatial ideas, thus providing a happier home for the cats and humans to enjoy.

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Photos Credit: Pawrents @kingteddy_thetabbycats