The Cat People

Puffin and Milo are rescued kitties and are now staying with their pawrents in a home with a huge bedroom balcony. The pawrents wanted to cat proof and catify. Their aim is to create a safe space for outdoors and a family room where they can spend time and bond with their fur babies while working from home.

To keep the kitties safe, aluminium frames are used to secure the safety net, providing a sturdy perimeter support to the open concept balcony. The kitties are able to perch, rest and look out on this balcony safely, giving their pawrents peace of mind. We have also installed planks to seal the gaps at the staircase to prevent falls from great heights and also to access the high window ledge for a vantage point lookout. See how Puffin takes an afternoon siesta in one of the photo.

After understanding Puffin and Milo’s habits and the interior decor of the family room, this is what we came up with. A cat tree post is installed with big bed shelves by the windows, allowing them to look out and watch the outside world. A step is added to reach the bridge that spans across the entrance into the family room. Puffin and Milo can easily cross the bridge to the inclined ramp which is designed above the piano to create the passage to the top of the cabinet for the perfect resting spot. The long monkey bar not only provides for crossing over to the steps, it is for horizontal scratching and perching for a birdy lookout on the other side of the family room.

Puffin and Milo now have a sister, Jellycat, and she is starting to explore her new home. We are looking forward to seeing her using the safe space and family room together with her cat and human family.

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Photos Credit: Pawrents